14 January 2018 Opening of the Exhibition in Concertbuilding in Bruges
I would like to thank everyone who came to the opening of our duo exhibition together with Tim Theo Deceuninck yesterday! Thank you for your support, sincere interest, attention, interesting questions, participation and joy! All this gives me even more strength to continue working and create beautiful things. The exhibition will last until 18 March. If you missed the opening, but you feel like wanting to visit the expo, we can always make an appointment and I will give you a personal tour through the exhibition. And, as promised, here is a small photo report from the opening.
11 January 2018
Dear friends, next Saturday is the opening of our duo exhibition together with the photographer Tim Theo Deceuninck will take place at Concertbuilding of Bruges. During the opening I’m going to present my photo project about the ruins of the Teutonic Order that I have photographed in Kaliningrad over the several years. These ruins are pretty unknown phenomenon here in Europe although it is a large part of European history lost in Russia. Interested? Then I invite you to the vernissage on January 13 at 6 pm. I hope to see you there!
24th June 2017 Presenting of Teutonic Ruins at Concertbuiding of Bruges.
I’m so happy and exited to share that my project about Teutonic ruins has been voted to the first place by the visitors of De Donkerste Kamer edition that took place at Concertbuilding of Bruges. From the bottom of my heart I want to thank all my friends and fans who supported me, I felt your support even at a distance of thousands of kilometres. And it gave me a lot of strength and courage to stand and to speak there. I am very glad that I was able to tell the story of the Teutonic ruins in Kaliningrad and draw people's attention to this subject. Also I want to thank the organization of the Sluitertijd for the opportunity to present my project to a wide audience and for their support for its further growth. Thank you very much!
Beautiful video made by Gor Mkrtchyan about the exposition in Galerie Studio. Thank you Gor for this wonderful work!
7th October 2016. Opening of the exposition in Galerie Studio in Ostend
I’d like to thank all my friends and visitors who came to the opening of my personal exposition! I was so happy to see all of you, thank you, that you have supported me, I got so much energy that I could literally fly! You are fantastic! Thank you for your enthusiasm and interest in my work! I was just little bit disappointed because I wasn’t able to talk long enough to everybody -  I’d like to tell as much as possible, there are so many interesting facts about these historical objects. But I had to admit that it was impossible with so many people. I hope you enjoyed this beautiful evening. Very special thanks to Jean-Jacques Soenen and his wife Els Verhaeghe for having chosen my work and their great support. It’ s a big honor for me to have my work being exhibited in their beautiful and cozy gallery! If you could not come to the opening, you still can visit the exhibition, that will last until November 13. Welcome!
October 6 to November 13 2016. Exhibition in Galerie Studio Oostende, Belgium.
I would like to invite all my friends to visit my solo exhibition which will be held in a beautiful Galerie Studio (address: Prins Boudewijnstraat 8, Oostende) from 6 October to 13 November . Date of the vernissage: 07.10.2016 at 18.30. Everyone is welcome! Entry is free.

11 March 2016 Exhibition at Zebrastraat, Ghent, 10 Years Artist of the Month
Many thanks to all who came and supported me and my new work at the opening of a group exhibition in Zebrastraat in Ghent! The vernissage was really super, it’s quite a while that I have seen so many visitors and artists gathered in one place! A wonderful festive atmosphere, amazing works, excellent organization and presentation - many thanks to Zebra for the opportunity to be a part of this feast! Practical info: the exhibition is open for visitors from 14.00 to 18.00 from Wednesday to Sunday and will last until 17th April. Everyone who wasn’t able to get there to the opening, can still visit it throughout the month!
11 November 2015. Exhibition in Ronse in TIO3
Latest news from the creative field.
There was an opening of a group exhibition in Ronse, organized by Red Cross of Flanders last Sunday, where my works took part in. It was so exciting to receive news, that my pictures have been selected from 500 submitted works and were among other 160 selected works. The exhibition was a great success and gathered a lot of creative people. Organizers used every effort to make this event really beautiful and fascinating. And more over one of my works has found its lucky buyer (or he found it!). Half of proceeds from sale will go to the charity fund of the Red Cross and this is a great honor for me to help a good cause. Many thanks to organizers of the exhibition for the opportunity to be part of this wonderful event!
22nd October 2015. Works selected for Red Cross Flanders contest.
Today I received good news! Three of my works have been selected for final exhibition of contemporary artists, organized by the Red Cross Flanders in Ronse. The exhibition will open its doors on 8th November at 11.30 with the main guest - famous Belgian artists Panamarenko. I will be happy to meet you there! I think it will be a very beautiful event!
16th April 2015 The Baltic Photo Biennale "Photomania 2015", Kaliningrad.
An unexpected and pleasant surprise was waiting for me during the exhibition ‘Photomania 2015’: my new work has became a winner of the nomination ‘The best photos of Kaliningrad region’ in the category ‘documentary photography’. I have no words how happy I am! The exhibition at the Art Gallery is incredibly interesting and covers various genres of photography - from a strict documentary to a complex abstraction. In addition to the competitive works, there can be seen the incredible powerful works of the authors who have been nominated or became the winners of World Press Photo contest from different years. During the vernissage, all participants had the opportunity to see the works of these authors , to meet them in person and to listen to their stories about the creation of their projects. I am grateful to all my friends who came to the exhibition, were supporting me and sharing my joy. Thank you, I love you all!
Here you can find the photo’s of all the winners: http://www.kaliningradfoto.ru/
March  2015, a finalist of The Baltic Photo Biennale 'Photomania 2015' (The 7th international competition of professional and amateur photo).
I am happy to announce that my new works have been selected again for the final exhibition in The Baltic Photo Biennale 'Photomania 2015', which will take place in Kaliningrad (Russian Federation) at the Art Gallery at Moscovskiy prospect, 60-62. Many thanks to organizers of this beautiful competition for their attention to my work. I know it will be difficult for my friends from Europe  to come to Kaliningrad, but I promise to keep you informed on all developments and news. And, of course I’ll be happy to meet my friends from Kaliningrad at the exhibition on April 16 at 16.00. See you soon!
March 2015, selected for Tumult in Gent art festival.
My works have been selected for participation in Art Festival Tumult in Gent. The exhibition will opens its doors in pretty Huset artcafé on Wednesday 25 March. (Hoogstraat 49, Ghent). I'll be there all day long from 12.00 to 22.00. You will enjoy a warm space, delicious dessert, coffee, tea and interesting conversation. I'll tell you about how I create my work and reveal interesting and intriguing details, you will not find anywhere. Each of my pictures have a story and I’ll be happy to share the details with you. Everyone is welcome!
August 2014, Eclectic Exposition with Young Photographers at Schipperskapel, Bruges.
I am happy to announce that my work participate in a group exhibition of young artists at Schipperskapel in Bruges. Vernissage will take place in August 3. The exhibition is open for visitors until August 31. Everyone is welcome! Please let me know in advance if you want to meet me at the exhibition. I won’t be able to be there constantly due to summer holidays. Thank you and I will be glad to welcome you at the exhibition in Bruges!
April 2014. Publication in Pandora, Magazine for Art and Literature, issue April-May-June.
I would like to thank the chief editor of Pandora Magazine - Ruud Vermeer, for the wonderful article about my project ‘Ruins of the Teutonic Order.’  It ‘s a big honor and pleasure for me to have a publication in such a stylish and beautiful magazine, published with great taste and love for art. Thank you!
February 2014. Publication in ZONE, art news magazine, article by Katrien Brys.
Nice article about the exhibition in Zebrastraat Art Platform, Gent. Quote: "A memorable photographic black-and-white document with the melancholic soul of an old romance." Thank you for the wonderful review of my work, and a full understanding of it!
From January 6 to February 2, 2014, The Artist of the Month at Zebrastraat Art Platform, Ghent.
Solo exhibition, project ’The Ruins of The Teutonic Order in centuries.

I would like to invite all my friends to visit my first solo exhibition 'Ruins of the Teutonic Order in centuries'. Date of the vernissage: 09.01.2014 at 20.00 with special guests - the instrumental Group 'No Angry Young Men'. The exhibition will be held from January 6 to February 2, 2014 from 10.00 to 18.00 every day. Entry is free.

Update. Once again a lot of thanks to all my dear friends for coming yesterday and for wonderful evening and support on my first solo-exhibition in Zebra. It was so nice to see you all together and talking to you. Also thanks to No Angry Young Men for their wonderful performance, you are really great guys! Tomorrow (January 11) there is also a smaller opening at 14.00. Everyone welcome!

With my dearest friends

November 2013, publication in Fotografie magazine, issue 6.
Yesterday, my friend called me and said that he had seen my work in FOTOGRAFIE magazine. It was both unexpected and a very pleasant surprise to me. It was a review article about the The Photo Academy Award’s final exhibition which was held from 19 September to 27 October 2013. Quote: ‘The images in her series look like a medieval painting. Great use of black and white, beautiful light and spectacular composition where a lot of to be seen. ‘ Thank you FOTOGRAFIE, for such a wonderful review of my work!
22nd September 2013, participating in group exhibition ‘Les Femmes de Belgique’ in Sophie Maree Gallery, The Hague.
With chief editor of Pandora Magazine - Ruud Vermeer during the exhibition's opening.

19th September  2013, participating in group exhibition in Fotomuseum Den Haag.
I am proud to announce that the project 'The ruins of the Teutonic Order', which won the public prize in the competition of The Photo Academy Award - 2013, takes part in a group exhibition of the winners and nominees in Fotomuseum in The Hague. My first visit to this museum was in 2008, when I just started studying at KASK. If someone had told me that my work will hang there in 5 years, I would never have believed it. But it happened and I'm incredibly happy! The exhibition in The Hague will run until 27 October and then goes to other cities in the Netherlands and Belgium. Everyone is welcome!
19th September 2013. The winner of The Public Price, The Photo Academy Award 2013, The Hague.
Another happy day in my life! ‘The ruins of the Teutonic Order’  won the public prize in contest The Photo Academy Award 2013. A lot of thanks  to everyone who voted for my work. Honestly, I did not expect that it would become a leader:  the project has received an absolutely majority of voices. Thanks to the organizers of the competition for this wonderful gift, for having allowed my work to go public and to take a place among the works of the other nominees and winners. It is a great honor for me. Special thanks to Transcontinenta for presenting me an excellent  Leica D-lux 6 edition by G-Star RAW. Thank you!
I couldn't even believe it happened!

August 2013. Nomination by Sophie Maree Gallery, The Hague, during The Photo Academy Award competition.
I’m excited to announce that ‘The Ruins of the Teutonic Order’ have been selected by The Photo Academy Award – 2013 competition for final exhibition at Fotomuseum, in The Hague. Also it has been nominated by Sophie Maree Gallery and I’ve received the invitation for collaboration. We’ve started preparing images for a group exhibition, which will open its doors on September 22 in Sophie Maree Gallery (The Hague). Stay tuned.
August 2013. Finalist of the ‘Photomania 2013’ (The 6th international competition of professional and amateur photo). From August 9 to September 9, 2013, group exhibition in Art Gallery, Kaliningrad, Russian Federation.

This is an exhibition where my works have participated for the first time outside of the academic education. I am very grateful to the jury and organizers for giving me such a wonderful, unique opportunity to present my work for the first time to public! Thank you! I was pleasantly surprised by level of a competition and the exhibition itself, everything was organized at the best grade, they did everything and even more to make participants and guests, (many of whom had come from abroad), feel as comfortable as possible. I met wonderful people and, for the first time taking a dip into the world of Russian photography, I realized that it lives her absolutely stunning, original life, its rich world outlook, different (!) from European, but 100% - nothing worse. I know that I will be back there again. Pictures will tell the rest of the story.

Сeremonial opening of the exhibition.

The exhibition has attracted a large number of visitors.

So happy to have my works among the works of other participants, who have passed the final selection.

31 June 2013: Graduation and solo Exhibition at School of Arts, Ghent, project ‘Homagium’.
If someone asked me what kind of moment of my life I would like to live again, I would say: my graduation! Such scary, exciting, unpredictable, so important, very crowded event ... the last one. Last jury in Academy was so great (despite the unexpected incident with the humidity conditions in the room, which let my long-suffering pictures to warp), that I will remember this moment forever. All my dear teachers, who patiently molded something valuable from raw blank during 5 years, who always have been the hard observers, they smile suddenly so friendly and even the most toughie one nods in approval. All fellow students… there are just 10 left of almost hundred people who came to study in 2008... I will be missing  them all. I feel both joy and sadness. It’s over. It’s freedom. Is it frightful? Yes it is. The main thing now is not to lose all the precious knowledge, not to waste them, and the most important and difficult thing - always stay in motion.
My first public display of work within the walls of our school during final exam.

Dean of KASK Wim De Temmerman congratulates graduates 2013 with the successful completion of the School of Arts.

My dear teachers, thank you for having been strict and wise, for personal fulfillment and for teaching me to understand art.

I will never forget you.

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